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☾ 008


I regret to inform you our interactions have led to the birth of a child. I have no desire, nor inclination, to raise this infant.

[though what she offers in her arms... to most citizens likely looks like what it truly is- just her bokken]

I have taken the trouble, however, to name it for you. They required a name for a birth certificate. "Mizuki". You can change it if you desire.

It is no concern of mine any longer. If you do not desire it, I will dispose of it.

[ooc; affected with "It’s a Boat, it’s a Bug, it’s Ours", with Raven... lmao.]

☾ 007

[still dressed in uniform, Hazuki, who looks just a younger than she usually does, mostly in the face, kneeling in front of a floral arrangement, and surrounded by stems and foliage from which she's carefully selecting.

It's a long, slow process, but she doesn't make a sound. Her expression is utterly blank. Prune. Place. Adjust. Cut.

And in the end, the following has been created.

And she turns, bowing her head briefly.]

That concludes the tutorial. Thank you.

[ooc; Trinity Hall senior, member of the FLLC (Future Leaders & Ladies of the City).]

☾ 006 || accidental voice

[this sound is the sound of a woman on the hunt- yes, a very cursed one- and the sound of a device clattering from a pocket... an a low woman's voice, murmured and slightly husky]

Not going to let your guard down around me? I shouldn't have expected less, but... hmm. That makes this a little more difficult.

[the sound that follows is a man's voice, familiar to some who've been paying attention to newcomers on the Network: British, self-possessed, faintly amused.]

You wouldn't want me if I let my guard down, would you? I'm much more charming this way.

[He doesn't sound like he's taking this nearly as seriously as the woman.]

Ah... you're right. I prefer if if you fight back a little.

[But she sounds serious, at least- and the last thing that the device records is a thump the... experienced may guess is a man being shoved against a wall.]

[ooc; as a result of this... ahum. Feel free to recognize November 11/Jack Simon or Hazuki's voice if your char. would.]

☾ 004

It is nice to see that in times of distress and annoyance, the masses, as usual, spend more time complaining than seeking solutions or working together to accomplish that which weak people cannot achieve on their own.

Though it seems you're cooperating on... whatever that is. It's no concern of mine, I suppose.

It will be interesting to see if you succeed, though. I'd offer my services and... cooperation. For the right price.

But I imagine that idea will be treated with scorn.

☾ 003

I begin to see why you people get so frustrated with these... curses.

The last one was mildly irritating. Mouthwash.

Let me set things straight before misunderstandings become an annoyance and I reach the level of complaint that most of you have.

Let's not continue any of the interactions begun over the weekend.

I'm not that attracted to men.

That is all.

☾ 002

Pain is to be avoided until the risk of pain is preferable to the alternative. An injury can slow you down. Make you weak, and vulnerable. Avoid at all costs unless avoiding it would endanger your life instead of a limb, a scar, a failed task, or just pain.

I have little else to say on the matter. That one, on the other hand-

Nor do I understand the reason so many are working so diligently on such a task.

I have yet to see a "curse" worth the effort to avoid.

However, I am willing to be persuaded otherwise, if examples can be provided.

☾ 001


BK-201 has Yōko, pursue him.

[The sound of footsteps accompanies the brusque, cold words, until a man's voice is barely audible- [Well, hey there, little--]. But his words are cut short by a sudden silence, and for those... knowledgeable in such things, that is the sound of a very intense lip-lock.

Footsteps leave the male voice behind stuttering in confusion, [........what? h-hey....], the sounds of bleating sheep coming in to the foreground.]


This line is compromised. Secure one and broadcast the rendezvous point.

... and be prepared to explain the sheep.

[ooc; Say hello to Hazuki. She is not impressed by your shenanigans, nor your ewes. Also thanks to notschwann for volunteering... services. :) She has no idea what's happening here, so. Explanations welcome.]


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